Senior Training Lead

Job description


You understand what it takes to be a fantastic support agent and to create a truly excellent customer experience, and you know how to transfer the skills to do so to our workforce.

Your job

5CA is committed to developing its support agents so that they can continuously provide the best customer experience possible. In this position, you will develop and give training modules on effective communication and soft skills, and thus shape the development of our 500+ Support Agents and Team Leads. You know the importance of, and how to, develop interpersonal skills and how to implement them into daily life. You propagate the skills ​​you train, and you are able to support a team of Training Leads to do the same. And, you use data and your analytical skills to prioritize, define, and create training content that has measurable objectives and results. You work from home and report into the Quality & Training Manager. 

Main responsibilities

  • You independently create projects and develop strategies and content for training purposes.
  • You are responsible for the optimal use of resources and trainer capacity.
  • With your experience, you support the team in developing training materials and creating content for the training courses.
  • You motivate people to improve and you are able to communicate the course objectives.
  • You will be a cooperative leader, functioning as an example to your colleagues

Job requirements

This is you...

  • You have at least 1 to 2 relevant years of industry experience.
  • Your empathic ability and excellent communication skills allow the team to work pleasantly together.
  • You are good at creative writing and you understand the importance of customer loyalty.
  • You always strive for quality and use your analytical skills and result oriented mindset to do so.
  • You know how to work with graphic design, data analysis, office 365.

5CA offers

  • A fast-growing organization (double-digit growth!) and an international, inclusive company culture
  • Young and creative professionals, working from home across the globe
  • Continuous learning and plenty of opportunities for growth within your field of expertise
  • An appropriate salary based on market standards and flexible working hours

About us

5CA provides people around the globe with outstanding customer support. We use their preferred channel, in their own language, at the time that is most convenient to them. We love hiring and working with geeks: people who are enthusiastic and engaged with gaming, tech, and digital topics. It is our successful Work From Home program that allows us to attract similarly minded and highly talented people, without being limited by geography. We’re passionate in what we do, deliver a great customer experience. And most of all we’re passionate about who we work with!