Junior WFM Analyst in EMEA - SHR0201

Job description


You make sure that required staffing matches the expected workload as closely as possible by utilizing your skills in data analysis. You will develop and implement a Way Of Work for WFM that ultimately results in greater customer satisfaction.

Your job

You will develop and implement (new) processes, procedures, policies, standards, and ways of working within the WFM department. 

You will perform internal WFM COPC audits for all of the accounts and implement improvement plans or process changes and implementation along the organization. You make sure these developments and improvements are in line with the latest industry standards while taking into account 5CA’s needs and demands. Using existing data you will predict workload, plan capacity, adjust daily, and record procedures. You will support the daily business with system migrations/system setup and large improvement projects. You will create, document, and deploy a new standard way of working. You will report to the Workforce Manager.



  • Development, improvement, and implementation of (new) processes according the COPC standards
  • Performing (internal) COPC audits regarding the WFM Processes (COPC Standard chapter 2.5 and 2.6)
  • Performing audits to determine use of processes and tools as intended (e.g., Verint / PureCloud)
  • Implementation of new projects / reports.
  • Implementation and updating of the training base.
  • Deployment and customizing of solutions and processes supportive for Forecasting, Capacity Management, Scheduling, Traffic and COPC compliancy

Job requirements

This is you

  • You have a Bachelor’s degree (preferably in business administration/business information)
  • You have analytical, project, and change management skills, as well as organizational sensitivity
  • You have insight into call-center tools, and with a WFM tool (i.e. Verint/ PureCloud)
  • You have knowledge of COPC training and Lean Six Sigma Skills
  • You are familiar with reporting tools such as Excel, Report Manager tool & preferably SQL.

5CA offers

  • An organization in hyper-growth with an international, inclusive company culture
  • A talented and engaged workforce, working from home across the globe
  • An appropriate salary based on market standards and flexible working hours
  • Continuous learning and plenty of opportunities for growth within your field of expertise

About us

5CA provides people around the globe with outstanding customer support. We use their preferred channel, in their own language, at the time that is most convenient to them. We love hiring and working with geeks: people who are enthusiastic and engaged with gaming, tech, and digital topics. It is our successful Work From Home program that allows us to attract similarly minded and highly talented people, without being limited by geography. We’re passionate about what we do, deliver a great customer experience. And most of all we’re passionate about who we work with!