Gaming Tech Support - French

Job description

Note: this position is to be performed by gamers. 

W A S D are more than just letters in the alphabet for you, 59 FPS is not good enough, you know what the abbreviations MMORPG and DLC stand for, and you prefer to use the word LAG as little as possible. Oh, and you’re the first person your parents call when their computer breaks down again and you actually like helping people with these kinds of problems.

Did you read this with a smile on your face and thought “This is me”? Then working at 5CA is something you should consider!

Simply put, 5CA offers Customer Support in the Tech and Gaming market. We provide international support for several key players in the market, who outsource (part of) their business to us. We have offices in Buenos Aires (ARG), Utrecht (NL), and Los Angeles (US) as well as colleagues working from home all over the globe.

For one of our biggest clients in the gaming industry we are looking for a Customer Service representative who is fluent in both English and French that will bring his or her technical knowledge and skills to the test for one of our projects that is specialized in hardware for the gaming market.

Of course, you will get a kick-ass training before you actually start working. You will have a Project Lead helping you out with your work and a Team Lead making sure you’re comfortable at all times in your position.


  • You speak English at a near-native level.
  • You are a Native French speaker
  • You are available to work full-time and on a fixed schedule.
  • You are available to work at least one day during the weekend.
  • You have an incredible knowledge about gaming and you love anything related to video games.
  • You own a modern gaming PC/laptop.
  • You are a fast learner, you take initiative and are awesome at troubleshooting.
  • Experience in a Customer Service environment or an international business setting is a plus!

PC requirements:

  • An internet speed minimum of 4 MB/s download and 1.5 MB/s upload internationally.
  • A minimum of 8 GB RAM memory, with a 64-bit Windows version (Windows 7 or higher).
  • An i5 processor or better/ similar, max. 3 years old.