Data Analyst in EMEA - SHR0249

Job description

The Impact

You are a natural team player, you partner up with our clients for solid data reporting. You have some experience with Data Analytics, Data Modelling & Data Visualization but you're eager to learn more and add a fresh perspective to our team. You team up naturally with like-minded Data Geeks of 5CA! 

Who you are

You are confident with numbers, you know how to analyze complex processes, and you do not give up until you completely understand a problem. You can work under pressure, and you live and breathe data. In fact, when you gaze at the Stars, you can identify Facts and are able to enter other Dimensions. You report directly to the Senior Data Analyst of our Data Team. 

Your biggest passion is using data to create insights that help improve our business and drive innovation throughout the company. As an innovator, your English is impeccable and your communication skills top-notch, allowing you to operate comfortably and connect easily with everyone in our organization.



  • Fetch and thoroughly analyze operational and client data
  • Develop and encourage the adoption of PowerBI reporting
  • Support the data automation process and encourage innovation in 5CA’s data information structure
  • Support and work closely with other Data Analysts and Senior Data Analysts in the team 
  • Proactively provide root-cause analysis and improvements analysis based on data to various Operations Stakeholders
  • Partnering up with clients and taking ownership of end-to-end reporting for them. 

Job requirements

  • Bachelor's degree, preferably in the field of Economics, Business, Informatics, Econometrics, Computer Science or similar
  • Prior experience of 2 years in the field of data analytics; data analysis and statistical modeling
  • Business acumen: you understand a growing company’s needs, and can help empower and enable us to grow further by utilizing data effectively
  • The ability to take data sets and extract valuable insights to help optimize various business processes
  • Working knowledge of advanced Excel, SQL, R, and/or Python, Star model, PowerBi, or Tableau
  • Fluency in verbal and written English
  • Based in the Netherlands. 

We offer

  • A fast-growing organization (double-digit growth!) and international, inclusive company culture;
  • An inspiring environment with young, brilliant, and creative professionals with which you will have lots of fun working together;
  • Continuous learning and plenty of opportunities for growth within your field of expertise.

About Us

5CA provides people around the globe with outstanding customer support. We use their preferred channel, in their own language, at the time that is most convenient to them. We love hiring and working with geeks: people who are enthusiastic and engaged with gaming, tech, and digital topics. It is our successful Work From Home program that allows us to attract similarly minded and highly talented people, without being limited by geography. We’re passionate in what we do, deliver a great customer experience. And most of all we’re passionate about who we work with!